by Lisa Simpkinson
September 6, 2022

Our body miraculously performs around 22,000 breaths daily without a single thought or action required from us. Even more miraculous are the health and healing benefits when we take the time for focused breathing.

When our breathing is compromised, our mood and energy can quickly shift. Longer term, increased carbon dioxide influences imbalances in the body, which then show up as pain, ailments and an inability to cope with stress.

Energise, regenerate and detox.

The respiratory system powers the body’s repair wheelhouse, where oxygen fuels cell regeneration. Cells respond to glucose from food and convert it into energy. We then exhale out waste as carbon dioxide. 

Boost immune system

Our nose and sinus form a filter system conducting and humidifying the air we breathe. This function supports superoxide creation, an enzyme defence mechanism that is anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and resists bacteria and viruses.

Cognitive clarity 

Our brain cells consume 20% of the oxygen we intake to process and optimise bodily functions. Taking advantage of each breath oxygenates the brain, brings us into the now and can help minimise the default urge toward a fight or flight response.

Notice how pausing to breathe deeply and slowly can quickly improve our ability to think clearly in times of overwhelm or to reset before moving on to the next part of our day.

Why women should prioritise the breath

Busy women, particularly mums, often prioritise others. Always on the go and rarely resting makes us more susceptible to adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, unexplained weight gain and loss, brain fog, and general overwhelm. 

The good news is that taking time each day for deep breathing can help alleviate much of this. And it’s free! Even more potent is moving the body through Pilates which combines breath work.