by Lisa Simpkinson
August 15, 2022

Our breath is an incredible automatic function of the body that most of us rarely think about as we go about our day. 

Conscious breath connection is a beautiful grounding practice scientifically proven to have positive effects on the entire body. From the brain to blood pressure and immune system, it does this by ridding toxins through the lymphatic pathways.

“Above all, learn how to breathe correctly.” Joseph Pilates

Correct breathing is one of the building blocks of an integrated and results-driven Pilates practice. Pilates breathing utilises diaphragmatic (abdominal, deep belly) and lateral (thoracic, full chest), which our instructors explain along the way.

Move Correctly and With Ease

Your breath is what gives every movement momentum and strength in Pilates. Each movement is coordinated with the breath to enable it to be your guide and source of motivation. 

Exhalation generally happens during the part that requires the most effort. Coordinating our breath with movement helps us focus, hold less tension in the body and maintain correct posture. 

Mindset Management 

Breath focus, especially during Pilates practice, means thoughts have less opportunity to intrude on our experience. Instead, we stay present and can focus on the task at hand – recruiting and activating the right muscles with movement.

Experience Real Results

Connecting with the mindset, when you breathe correctly during Pilates, you’re more likely to see improvements in fitness level, muscle tone and overall feeling of well-being because you’re present and encouraging blood supply to all the body’s systems.

Learn Correct Breathing with The Mat App

Breathing audibly and letting out sighs is encouraged, and the beauty of at-home practice like The Mat App is you can be less self-conscious about doing this.

Feeling good is something we deserve every day. If you’re starting out or returning to practice, no matter how much time you have, The Mat App has a class for everyone.