by Lisa Simpkinson
February 6, 2023

Check-in with yourself. How do you feel in this moment? Without going into any stories, how do your body, heart and mind feel?

Our brains thrive on authentic positivity, but amid the busyness of every day, we don’t always pause and check in with ourselves. Leaving our mind and soul potentially at odds without realising and receiving the subtle messages our body sends us. 

Why feeling good matters

You deserve to feel good every day. Good should be the baseline; work up from there to how you want to optimally feel on a “perfect” day. How do you want to feel? Energised, vital and focussed?

Feeling good every day rarely happens by chance. While of course, it’s okay not to be okay when life stresses are coming at you. We have to cultivate healthy ways that work for our bodies and lifestyle to make sure we feel good, at a minimum, every day.

Our emotions guide us, but if we aren’t tuning in, how do we know what’s genuinely going on for us? How can you create that for yourself if you’re feeling average or worse most days?

Feeling good is an art.

We can find daily opportunities every day to feel good that are inexpensive or free. When we feel good, our overall mood is more positive. We’re more open to new possibilities, show up in all aspects of our life with greater vitality, and manage stress when it inevitably arises.

Over time, the beautiful flow on effect is greater self-awareness, making better decisions that align with our life without leaving us feeling compromised, and cultivating greater harmony in all our relationships.

Feel good with The Mat App.

We may not get much time in our day to think about how we truly feel and what our body needs. It’s up to us to create the space and, importantly, permit ourselves to do so no matter what is going on for us.

The Mat App’s entire ethos centres on providing support and education about holistic and safe approaches to movement for women through every stage of life.

With a range of classes to stream anytime to get you moving, breathing, stretching and strengthening or calming, feeling good starts now!