by Lisa Simpkinson
December 4, 2022

A holistic approach to anything means providing a level of support that encompasses a person’s entire well-being; physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

For example, if you go to your health professional with digestive health symptoms, they assess your nutrition, exercise, sleep, menstrual cycle, stress, environment and other medications to get to the root cause.

Bringing balance to body and mind

By nature, Pilates is a holistic fitness model. It works with the body and mind intending to bring harmony to both. 

Suffering ongoing illnesses as a child was Joseph Pilate’s motivation for researching ways to heal. Through this, he learned to understand human emotional and physical health interconnection. He designed his program with these six guiding principles which speak to holism:

  • The art and benefits of intentional and deep breathing to increase blood flow
  • Concentrating on each movement to get the most out of it
  • Centring through core focus and activation to stabilise the powerhouse 
  • Pacing movements so you can control them and maintain proper form
  • The structural precision of every move, as opposed to lots of repetition
  • Using the above to create economical and easeful movement or flow.

The proof was in the pudding, with this dedication seeing Joseph recover from his conditions and become a competent gymnast, diver and skier.

The Mat App philosophy

Through decades of Pilates and women’s health experience and qualifications, The Mat App has defined a new way of nourishing the body through movement.

We focus on more than building a solid core or lean physique and encourage holistic methods like working with your menstrual cycle and moving in tune with the seasons for even better results.

Applying Pilates to everyday life

Pilates is more than getting to class each day. From casually walking, playing sport or lifting a child, ask yourself:

  • How is my core involvement?
  • Am I moving intentionally? 
  • How is my posture?
  • Where are my mind and breath in this moment?