by Lisa Simpkinson
August 15, 2022

No two days are the same as a mum, making it hard to plan and ensure you get some time for yourself to exercise.

Doing a Pilates class is more than a ‘me time’ treat. Regular exercise is necessary for mums to feel good, avoid illness and manage the stresses of family life.

Finding Balance in the Bedlam

Being active, maintaining strength and acquiring balance enables mums to better respond to the physical demands of parenting. A strong core is a crucial component of attaining these. 

Pilates’ core focus and activation help build and maintain the strong foundation mums need for the incidental movement they’re doing throughout the day and avoid injuries and pain from simple tasks. 

Mind Over Matter

Pilates is a scientifically proven activity for lowering stress hormones because it is a mindfulness-based practice. Pilates’s effectiveness in mindfulness works by bringing you into your body and this moment through performing exercises correctly and breathing intentionally. 

The Mat App Has Your Back.

Mums often have to create time for exercise which may mean getting up 15-30 minutes early to fit a short practice in before the day takes off. 

The Mat App allows you to choose Pilates classes with your ever-changing days. Even if you only have ten minutes, The Mat App has a range of class lengths to keep you moving and mindful.

Can’t catch a break? Get the children involved and do Pilates together! Find classes with Founder Lisa and one of her little ones on the app. What better way to teach kids the importance of movement and mindfulness?