by Lisa Simpkinson
October 10, 2022

Pilates is a versatile and comprehensive full-body workout that can be accomplished with or without equipment, at home and in the studio. Plus, it’s now proven to improve your mental well-being.

Even 15 minutes of targeted movement makes a difference if you’re pressed for time, and you’ll feel great after. If you’re looking to target arms, abs and butt, then we have something for you!

Lisa loves these Pilates moves.

Try these in sets of 20.


Stand with your feet and legs together, arms stretched out to create a T-shape with your body. 

  • Small arm pulses up and down
  • Small arm pulses forward and backward
  • Little circles in both directions
  • Lift arms overhead and back into your T position
  • From your T, bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle and pulse your arms
  • From the 90-degree angle, squeeze the elbow down into your waist and back up again
  • Return to your T and turn 1 palm face up and the other face down. Switch and continue to alternate.


  • Lay down on your back, arms to the ceiling, legs in tabletop (feet off the floor, legs bent 90 degrees and knees above your hips)
  • Repeat 10 of the following
  • Start by tapping 1 foot towards the floor (only go as low as you can control). Alternate legs. Inhale to lower, exhale to lift
  • Now try reaching the opposite arm backwards as you repeat your toe taps
  • Keep your legs tabletop, and simultaneously reach both arms over your head. Inhale to reach arms back, exhale to return
  • Can you add both legs lowering simultaneously so that both arms reach behind you? Inhale as your limbs travel away from your centre and exhale to return
  • At the finish of the sequence, try straightening 1 or 2 legs instead of toe-tapping
  • Top Tips: Try and keep a natural curve in your lower back vs squashing your lower back into the floor. Only move your limbs as far as you can control, feeling the work in your tummy.


  • Start on your side with your top leg straight and lifted to the same height as your hip (bottom leg bent)
  • Repeat 10 to 20 of the following
  • Pulse your top leg up and down
  • Circle your top leg in both directions
  • Bend your leg, bringing your leg in front of your hip, and straighten your leg returning to your start position (like a slow-motion kick)
  • Roll over and do everything on the other side

Spring shake-up

Body confidence helps us feel at home in our body and speak about it positively, regardless of our age, ability, shape and size. With winter on its way out in Australia, it’s the perfect time to switch up your routine or try something new.

Let Lisa and Robyn guide you through 14 days of arms, abs and booty workouts! Sign up for the October Arms, Abs and Butt Challenge today.