by Lisa Simpkinson
October 10, 2022

We’re fortunate that technology and modern conveniences mean we can adapt, cope and survive with seasonal environment changes far easier than our ancestors did. 

Seasonal transitions and certain weather affect each of us differently. What brings happiness to some (hello sunshine!) causes irritation for others (*sneeze* allergies!).

Wellbeing through the seasons

Water is life

Water is vital for every bodily system, no matter the temperature. Carry water with you everywhere, and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. Dehydration causes fatigue, brain fog, muscle cramps and dizziness and affects blood pressure. Keep the cups of herbal tea flowing in winter if you don’t feel like water.

Cover me in sunshine 

Get outside to get Vitamin D from the source, an essential nutrient for calcium absorption, bone health, and immune function. Sunlight is also fabulous for boosting serotonin levels for better sleep and overall emotional well-being.

Summer brings more opportunities to be out in the fresh air, exercise and dose up on D and we should be trying to do this as much as possible throughout winter also (depending on where you live). If you can’t get it from the sun, take a supplement.

Rest is best

It makes sense to slow down when it’s cold and dark over autumn and winter. Prioritising rest becomes more challenging as social activities and events fill spring and summer calendars. No matter the season, listen to your body and rest when needed, especially around the extra busy and sometimes stressful festive season.

Nourish with nutrition

We should be eating fresh, seasonal and nutritious food year-round. We’re naturally inclined to eat more in winter. That’s okay if overly processed foods are avoided and you keep the body moving. Swap veggie-packed stews and hot, hearty meals for summer salads, smoothies, juices and stir-fries.  

Mindful movement

Warmer weather inspires many to elevate their fitness goals and set new challenges. It’s a great time to open up the muscles with a reduced chance of injury when they’re less affected by the cold. Remember to move mindfully when emerging from winter’s cocoon. Keep moving throughout winter, even if it means modifying your exercise choice or routine.