by Lisa Simpkinson
May 20, 2022

Motherhood is one of the most intense and beautiful journeys a woman can undertake in this life. While incredibly overwhelming and demanding, bringing a child into the world and raising them is also an amazing and rewarding contribution that shapes our future world.

Whether it is your first child or your fifth, every woman will tell you that each pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience is different. We may breeze through one pregnancy and birth relatively trouble-free, only to have health issues or difficulties arise in the next. Just as one baby may be unsettled and cry a lot, the next child is more content and sleeps soundly.

New Mums and Mental Health

The perinatal period is from conception to one year post-birth. As many as one in five Australian mothers experience perinatal depression or anxiety according to figures from Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA).

Beyond Blue reports that at least 1 in 3 women will experience anxiety at some point in their lifetime.

Covid-19 has only exacerbated this. Schools, daycares, workplaces, non-essential service closures and working from home led parents into uncharted terrain. More women lost their jobs in the pandemic than men and working mothers struggled with increased childcare demands.

Covid-19 safety measures affected prenatal care and birth practices in an increasingly strained healthcare system. Mother’s groups and other supports decreased during restriction periods leaving women without this connection to a community when they needed it most.

Mind-Body Benefits of Movement

We need to be in optimal health at every stage of life to handle the stress and anxiety but more so when you are a mum. Regardless of whether it is your first child or your 5th, it is never too late to prioritise self care so that you can be at your best. 

Coming to a Pilates class, ideally three times per week if it’s possible, offers a host of physical and emotional benefits to support mums at every stage of their parenting.

Getting Out of the House 

Pilates is something for YOU and a chance to socialise and make new friends who understand your experience. Carve out some self-care time away from the children and the never-ending task list at home. You deserve it.

Feel Good!

Pilates or any gentle, mindful movement increase endorphins associated with pleasure, pain relief, gut health, sleep quality and improved mood. Exercise is one of the best ways to boost production (along with having sex, eating chocolate, meditating, or any activity that makes you laugh and have a good time). Just saying!

Time and Space to Go Inward

Mums can lose their identities through the dedication and selflessness it takes to be a parent. During the average day of a mum, there is rarely time to reflect on themselves. Coming to Pilates creates that time and space needed to focus on our body and breath and notice how we are feeling. 

Embody Your Body

Pre and post-natal Pilates shows mums how to become more aware of their bodies and mindfully activate the core muscles and pelvic area; a wonderful way to support postnatal recovery.

Supporting You to be the Whole Woman You Are

Women’s bodies go through phenomenal changes after pregnancy and birth and will continue throughout life. Pilates teaches us how to move with these changes, release tension in the body and maintain muscular strength and flexibility.

The Mat App has embraced a women-centred approach to Pilates with a special focus on pre and post-natal Pilates as our Founder, Lisa Simpinkinson knows too well the effects of pregnancy and birth on the body and mind.

The Mat App embodies The Whole Woman philosophy into our specialised classes. Come and be part of The Mat App community today!