by Lisa Simpkinson
February 25, 2022

Do you like to work out from wherever you might go? Is missing out on your regular sessions a cause for concern? Well, no more worries as Mat Pilates allows you to exercise from any location. With this routine, you don’t need a set of weights, gym, or studio. So, what is Pilates, and what do you need to incorporate into your workout routine?

What is Pilates? 

Pilates is a mind-body practice system introduced by Joseph Pilates in the 1900s. He was a boxer, circus performer, and self-defence trainer. Note that he developed the exercise routine to strengthen his core muscles as a young man. When it worked well for him, he started teaching it. Pilates refers to regular training that you can do on a mat using your own body.

You do not need any conventional equipment to perform this set of exercises. Carrying a mat with you wherever you go ensures you don’t miss your Pilates sessions. The best part is that Mat Pilates can be modified to suit people of all ages. You can do it regardless of your fitness levels and body type.

If you do it right and consistently, your body will begin responding within no time. Pilates combines yoga and calisthenic movements, which allow you to build and strengthen your core muscles. The routine has a crucial emphasis on trunk or core muscles, although it also trains your arms and legs. 

What are the Health Benefits?

 Pilates is a holistic form of exercise with a wide array of benefits, which include

  • Improving body posture
  • Increasing lung capacity
  • Enhancing body balance and coordination
  • Strengthening body awareness
  • Boosting focus and concentration
  • Helping to manage stress
  • Enabling injury prevention

Mat Pilates is not only a physical exercise, but also a benefit to your spirit, body, and mind. Even though this practice can be challenging, you can always modify it to reduce its difficulty level. It is also great for any individual looking to improve body balance and flexibility. 

Pilates helps enhance your body alignment. It may also ease up neck aches, backaches, and headaches resulting from poor posture. A consistent Pilates routine increases your range of body movements. You can move around efficiently and accomplish more without stressing your muscles.

If your main concern is the overall muscular performance of your body, you can count on Pilates. It helps to build an individual’s external strength. This makes you feel more in control of your body after multiple Pilates sessions. 

Additionally, Mat Pilates can help boost your immunity. Adhering to frequent training decreases your chances of falling ill. It improves oxygen circulation in your body and skin. As a result, it makes your skin clearer and healthier. Since Pilates trains you to breathe properly, it also teaches your body to use oxygen more efficiently. Subsequently, you feel more revitalised. 

Recommended Mat Pilates Moves

The Pilates principles provide a variety of body exercises that you can practice on a mat. They all entail concentration, control, flow, centre, precision, and breathing. These movements include kneeling, arm and leg reach, planks, hip dips, mountain climbers, and so on.  

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