Through our holistic Pilates inspired classes that address women specific health and lifestyle challenges, coupled with and online group community, we provide a fun and inclusive environment where women feel supported and understood.

Feeling good starts now.


Variety is the spice of life.

New Classes

Who loves NEW CLASSES? Here you’ll find all our latest Pilates classes, so your Pilates practice stays full of variety.

Feel constantly inspired and motivated to move with the ever growing selection of classes.

Pilates Flow

These classes are great for women, no matter how much Pilates you’ve done before. Here you’ll enjoy the focus on movement, strength and flexibility.

Feel balanced in your body after dedicating this time to yourself.

Women’s Health Calming

The blissful whirlwind of being a woman doesn’t have to come at the expense of your body. It’s time to truly nurture your body and mind with classes specific to incontinence and prolapse.

Pre and Post-natal Calming

Being a new mum means facing many challenges and we understand.  We’re about keeping it real and working at the pace that is right for you. Feel encouraged and learn about your ‘new body’ as you go.

Our expert instructors understand where you’re at.

Pilates Burn

Give it a go and wake up muscles you didn’t know you had. This collection of burn classes will offer you fun challenges and leave you feeling invigorated.

Whether it’s intense full body Pilates class or a focused class for specific body areas, we have the burn you’re looking for!

PS. You won’t sweat, you’ll sparkle!

Women’s Health Energizing

Even if you’re managing a prolapse or incontinence you can still challenge your body with expert guidance.

Remember – you don’t have to be living with these conditions to benefit!

Pre and Post-natal Energizing

Whether you are pregnant, trying to maintain as much strength, tone and mobility as you can, or you are ‘just getting back into things’, come join us for classes that are more energetic!

This is the perfect place if you’re looking for a little challenge.

Barre, HIIT & Circuit

Are you feeling energetic and looking to raise your heart rate? Fun up beat Barre, HIIT and Circuit Classes are found here.

These classes are great for cardio strength and an all over body workout. Enjoy the challenge!

Get your water bottle and your favourite tunes ready!

Stretching & Breath Work

Stretching allows you to take the time to slow down and release tightly held areas in your body. Focused breath work taps into your nervous system, making it nature’s medicine for lowering anxiety and stress plus balancing hormone function.

Start truly moving and breathing today!

Programs & Challenges

Programs and challenges are a great way for you to keep moving and stay motivated!

The simple to follow layout helps you take the guess work out of which class to do next.

Complete a program or challenge to feel the difference in your body.

Real Stories from Real Customers

Thank you for getting me moving in lockdown. Beautifully presented.

Karyn L Moskow
Happy Customer

Great workouts thank you - very professionally presented and with warmth.

Anne White
Happy Customer

I just did a legs session with Robyn and the destress and strecth session with Lisa. Feel wonderful. What a great App! So easy to follow and to find suitable classes.

Yvonne Bayfield
Happy Customer

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