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We apply our expertise in women's health, delivering Pilates classes and programs that provide a holistic and safe approach to movement and support women through every stage of life.

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Lisa brings her calm energy and sense of fun into each class.

Her wealth of knowledge as a dancer, Pilates instructor and Barre instructor are the key ingredients to her ever expanding library of classes. Lisa’s qualifications as a Wholewoman practitioner, combined with her personal experience with incontinence, prolapses and having 4 babies, make her an expert Pilates instructor in women's health. Not only does she have the education, but also the personal experience, to understand what women are going through and which exercises benefit women the most.


Enjoy Robyn's energy and expertise in all of her classes.

Robyn's experience as a dancer, and dance teacher, shines as she teaches with amazing flow and clear explanations. Robyn is not only a highly qualified Pilates and Barre instructor but also a Mum of 3 boys (and an amazing cook). As a single Mum she knows that time is of the essence. She’ll make the most of every moment you “gift” yourself on the App, giving you a beautiful class every time. To get your hands on some of Robyn’s delicious (and simple) recipes, keep your eyes on our social media pages.


Fiona is a little pocket rocket that brings a calm, knowing energy to everything she does.

Her experience as a Pilates and barre instructor, as well as a Wholewoman practitioner, positions her as an expert in Pilates combined with women’s health, unique to only The Mat App. With two children of her own, Fiona draws on her own personal experience, offering classes that not only support women’s health but also leave you feeling amazing.

Real Stories from Real Customers

Thank you for getting me moving in lockdown. Beautifully presented.

Karyn Moskow
Happy Customer

Great workouts thank you - very professionally presented and with warmth.

Anne White
Happy Customer

I just did a legs session with Robyn and the destress and strecth session with Lisa. Feel wonderful. What a great App! So easy to follow and to find suitable classes.

Yvonne Bayfield
Happy Customer

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